Arrow and cryptographic protocols

This weekend I spent a lot of time watching Arrow. I started watching it last year but then lost interest and now decided to get up to speed. I watched episodes 11 to 19 (most recent). It actually got quite good.

The first 10 or so episodes are kind of self-contained. It's like watching Law and Order were you can watch any episode and you don't loose much. The exception are the flashbacks where the story of Oliver Queen during the five years he spent as a castaway on an chinese Island and was considered dead are told. Btw, the name Green Arrow was never used in the series. The vigilante's name in the series is The Hood.

But from episode 12 and forward the story gets more serialized so that every episode is a continuation of the previous one.

Although I'm liking the series, there are so many annoyances that requires you to develop new levels of suspension of disbelief. Let me be clear: I have no problem with super-heroes. But there are no super-heroes in Arrow. There are only heroes that are all normal people (with special training, of course). But than you see every hero and villain killing many bandits, police offices and FBI agents armed with machine guns using only rudimentary weapons like bow and arrow or throwing knives... I roll my eyes everytime...

The best parts of the show are the ones told in flashbacks which tell the story of Oliver Queen after a shipwreck and his years living with soldiers.

But the real reason for me to write this post is to mention about the computer related scenes. Oh gosh... they are so bad that they are funny. One scene really deserves special mention. It's on episode 11 and Felicity Smoak is hacking a pen drive and then what follows is this screen of code:

 for( i = 0; i < argc; i++)
    if( argv[i][0] == '-')
       switch( argv[i][1])
          case 'j': case 'J':
             julian = 1;
          case 'q': case 'Q':
             quiet = 1;
          case 's': case 'S':
             sat_no = atoi( argv[i] + 2);
          case 'd': case 'D':
             n_days = atoi( argv[i] + 2);
          case 'f': case 'F':
             ofile = fopen( argv[i] + 2, "wb");
          case 'r': case 'R':
             data_file = fopen( argv[i] + 2, "ab");

And then she describes it as: Military grade cryptographic security protocol!!!


The code seems to come from this file:

Also funny was that the screens of code load slowly like if running on very old computers... Go watch it on youtube:

Felicity Smoak and security lesson!?

Btw, every single people on the show uses Nokia Lumia's and LeNovo computers running Windows 8... go figure!


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