Cheap Chinese SSDs

Since I bought a Netbook last year, I wasn't very happy with it's HDD. The reason was that I had to disable the power management or at least configure it to not allow the spin down of the drive.

$ sudo hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda

The problem was so annoying that I could not even edit a text file on Vim without the disc spinning down constantly and hanging text entry for some seconds. Disabling power management was effective to solve the problem but then the battery would discharge faster. Also since the Netbook is so small and light, using it at any surface that is not very flat and stable causes slight movements which could damage the drive. It all bored me.

So I wanted to install a SSD because it would solve all problems. No more disc spinning down, no need to disable power management and no requirement of having a stable surface to use it. The problem was the price. A SSD drive purchased here in Brazil would end up costing more that the Netbook itself!

I did some research and ended up buying a cheap chinese SSD on Aliexpress. The link to the seller/product I purchased follows:

Kingspec 2.5 SATA 32GB

After almost two months I'm happy so far. I was afraid it would end up giving some problem after some use but until now is like it was on first day. The system boots in something like 3 seconds (after BIOS). Everything got boosted up. The main problem is the size which prevents the use of some software. But I could build a Linux distro based on buildroot for a project I'm working on, I built cross toolchains for ARM/AVR/MSP430 and build llvm (which took 8 hours!!!). It suits me well since I can do the things I do day to day.

When I bought it in January it cost me US$ 43. Now it's selling for US$ 39. I wonder how low this price will get in the next 3 months, 1 year. Even being a very simple SSD, lacking important features like TRIM, still was a great purchase. A now with more and more embedded boards coming with a SATA controller...


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